School Characteristics - NCES

A file with school characteristics based on National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Common Core data is available through our contract data process.  This combined file, describing focal children’s schools at both the Year 9 and Year 15 waves as well as at grade 1, includes school type, pupil-to-teacher ratio, school’s racial composition, Title I funding, percent of students receiving free and reduced price lunch, and additional measures. 

This file includes data covering:

  • 3268 children in 2338 public and private schools at grade 1,
  • 3520 children in 2743 public and private schools at the Year 9 wave, and
  • 3347 children in 1920 public and private schools at the Year 15 wave.

Note: We do not recommend these data for multilevel modeling due to the lack of sufficient clustering within schools.

See the NCES documentation for more information.