Polygenic Scores (PGS)

During the in-home component of the Year 9 wave, we collected saliva from focal children and their biological mothers, which we use to extract genetic information. Saliva was also collected from focal children again at Year 15, and from some biological mothers who did not provide a sample at Year 9. (note: only focal child data is currently being made available for Polygenic Scores).

The polygenic score variables available in the Polygenic Scores file are provided for a European analytic group, a more admixed African analytic group and a less admixed African analytic group, and a more admixed Hispanic analytic group and a less admixed Hispanic analytic group, separately. Variables for each group include: body mass index (BMI), height, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio, myocardial infarction, age at menarche, lipid traits, and blood pressure. 

The data available in the file allow researchers to test hypotheses about the relationships between genetic risk, family and community environments, and child development, including complex health outcomes. For more information see the documentation.