Candidate Genes

During the in-home component of the Year 9 wave, we collected saliva from focal children and their biological mothers, which we use to extract genetic information.

The genetic variables available in the Candidate Genes file are the following 14 mother-child sets: 5httlpr, Stin2, Dat1, DRD2, DRD4 VNTR and rs1800955, TMEM, three TPH variables, FTO, BDNF, MC4R, and COMT.

Telomere length variables ("TELO"), measured at Year 9 for mother and children, are also available on this contract file.  These variables serve as an indicator of biological aging at the cellular level, and are measured in kilo base pairs.

The genetic data available in the file allow researchers to test hypotheses about the relationships among genes, family and community environments, and child development.  For more information see the documentation.