Two New Data Files Released

Feb. 11, 2022

The Future of Families and Child Wellbeing Study (FFCWS) Year 15 Sleep Actigraphy Dataset has been added to Princeton University's Office of Population Research (OPR) data archive as a separate public file for download. It contains participant-level data that correspond to daily mean sleep actigraphy measures across approximately one week of data collection at Year 15. A randomly selected sub-sample (N=1,090) participating in Year 15 Home Visits was asked to wear an accelerometer on their non-dominant wrist for seven consecutive days to track their sleep. For more information visit the documentation for these data.

A revised version of the Census Tract Measures file is now available through the Restricted Use Contract Data process. The revised file includes an additional variable which recodes the Year 15 pseudo-tract to use 2000 census tract boundaries in harmony with prior waves of data. This new variable is named tp6tract_cen00. The Year 15 pseudo-tract using the original 2010 boundaries is still available in this file. For more information, visit the Census Tract Measures page. Data users with a current contract for the Census Tract Measures file may request the updated data by emailing [email protected]. Restricted Use Contract Data users who do not currently have access to this file and would like to add it to their contract may send an updated abstract to [email protected]. New Restricted Use Contract Data users should review the two-part application process on our Restricted Use Contract Data site.