September 2023 Data Release

Sept. 13, 2023

New data files have been added to the FFCWS public and restricted use data!

New public data is available for the Year 15 collaborative Sleep sub-study, enriching the existing sleep actigraphy data with additional details. These newly available data contain daily level actigraphy merged with daily level diary survey measures across approximately one week of data collection at Year 15.

New public data also includes survey variables from a Year 22 collaborative COVID-19 sub-study evaluating whether COVID-19 impacted their mental health and social support systems. Each of the Sleep sub-study and COVID-19 sub-study data files are available for download through the Princeton University Office of Population Research (OPR) data archive. Learn more about these data on the Public Data Documentation page.

Additionally, two new variables have been added to the restricted Census Tract Measures data file to help researchers account for different census tract boundaries utilized in 2000 (Baseline through Year 9) versus in 2010 (Year 15). To learn more, review the Census Tract Measures documentation.