October 2023 Data Release

Oct. 27, 2023

The FFCWS team is pleased to announce two new data file updates included in the Public and Restricted Use Contract Data.

New Public Use Data

The mDiary Study of Adolescent Relationships (mDiary) File: The mDiary Study of Adolescent Relationships (mDiary) is a new public data file collected during a year-long “diary” study with a sample of teens participating in the Year 15 core study. Participants of this collaborative study completed short bi-weekly surveys via a mobile-optimized website over the course of 12 months.

The mDiary was designed to examine the romantic and sexual relationships of teens to portray adolescents’ relationship processes in the context of other socio-emotional changes that define mid- to late adolescence. The diaries also captured experiences in other key life domains, such as family relationships, school attachment, and emotional health. When merged with FFCWS data, mDiary also permits investigations of connections between childhood experiences and teen relationship dynamics. To learn more, review the mDiary documentation.

New Restricted Use Contract Data

NCES School Characteristics File: Three new variables have been added to our NCES data appendage. These variables indicate whether the school was located in an urban, suburban, town, or rural area for the school(s) that the FFCWS focal child attended in Grade 1, at Year 9, and at Year 15. Further details and file documentation can be found on the NCES data appendage page.