FFCWS Metadata Explorer

Nov. 13, 2018

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the FFCWS Metadata Explorer! The Metadata Explorer website allows users to browse and sort FFCWS variables by topic, wave, respondent, focal person, scales, survey, source, and variable type or to perform more detailed queries and/or text searches in the FFCWS metadata.

Based on feedback from FFCWS data users, including participants in the Future of Families Challenge, we have developed new metadata resources to improve data users’ experience of working with the data. These include a web Application Programming Interface (API) that provides direct access to the metadata as well as three different front-ends to the API: a website, an R package, and a Python package.  

To use these resources, please visit metadata.ffcws.princeton.edu.

For further detail regarding the preparation of these fields, please see our paper in Socius.