Scales and Concepts Documentation

FFCWS Scales and Concepts Documentation

The table below shows the scales and concepts included in each wave of FFCWS data. Click on each X to view specific documentation for that scale and wave within the User Guide including source, variable list, modifications, and scoring, when available.

    Baseline Year 1    Year 3    Year 5    Year 9    Year 15    Year 22
  Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Wave 5 Wave 6 Wave 7
Behavior and Cognition              
Adaptive Social Behavior Inventory (ASBI)     X X X X  
Child Behavior Problems (CBCL)     X X X X  
Child’s Emotionality and Shyness   X          
Delinquent Behavior         X X  
Impulsivity   X X X   X  
Peabody Vocabulary Test (PPVT/TVIP)     X X X    
Personality (Big 5)             X
Positive Adolescent Functioning (EPOCH)           X  
Self-Description Questionnaire (SDQ)         X    
Social Skills Rating System (SSRS)         X X  
Sustained Attention Task (Leiter-R)       X      
Task Completion and Behavior         X    
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Revised (WAIS-R)     X        
WISC-IV Forward and Backward Digit Span         X    
Woodcock Johnson Letter-Word Identification       X      
Woodcock Johnson Passage Comprehension and Applied Problems (WJ)         X    
Mental Health              
BSI 18 for Anxiety           X  
Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)             X
Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)             X
CES-D for Depression X         X  
Family Mental Health History     X X      
Mental Health Depression (CIDI-SF)   X X X X X X
Mental Health for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (CIDI-SF)   X X     X X
Perceived Stress Scale             X
Health and Health Behavior              
Alcohol Dependence     X        
Drug Dependence     X        
Motor Control (Walk-A-Line Task)     X        
Pubertal Development         X X  
Screen Time             X
Teen Tobacco Use           X  
COVID-19 Pandemic              
Epidemic-Pandemic Impacts Inventory (EPII)             X
Rapid Assessment Psychological and Epidemiological Correlates of COVID-19             X
Aggravation in Parenting   X X X X X  
Caregiver-Child Relationship         X X  
Conflict Tactics     X X X X  
Maternal Description of Child (MDoc)       X      
Parental Monitoring           X  
Toddler Attachment Q-Sort     X        
Household Food Insecurity     X X      
Material Hardship   X X X X X X
Relationships and Social Support              
Adolescent Partner Abuse           X  
Couple Relationship Quality        X X    
Interpersonal Support Evaluation List (ISEL-12)             X
UCLA 3-Item Loneliness Scale             X
Social Capital / Social Support             X
Other Significant Adult and Sibling             X
Demographics and Identity              
Identity Projects             X
Experiences of Discrimination             X
Child Care and School Environment              
Connectedness at School         X X  
Conner's Teacher Rating Scale         X    
Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS)     X        
Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FDCRS)     X        
Peer Bullying         X X  
School Climate           X  
Trouble at School           X  
Adolescent Extracurricular and Community Involvement           X  
Environmental Confusion (CHAOS)         X X  
Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment (HOME)     X X X X  
Neighborhood Collective Efficacy     X X X X  
Legal Cynicism           X