Gun Violence

The Gun Violence Archive Data on Local Deadly Gun Violence Restricted Use Appendage contains individual-level data on focal children’s proximity to deadly gun violence incidents that occurred before the Year 15 follow-up interviews. Incident-level data on deadly gun violence incidents were collected from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA).

GVA data contain information on the precise location and date of all deadly gun violence incidents. These incident-level location data were merged to focal children’s home and school addresses. The date of the deadly gun violence incidents were also linked to the caregiver’s (PCG) and child’s interview dates. The data appendage includes individual-level data that summarizes the number of deadly gun violence incidents that occurred within various distances (between 100 meters and 1 mile) and various time frames (between 7 days and 1 year)before the interview date. In addition, the appendage provides information on the distance (in meters) and recency(in days) of the nearest and most recent deadly gun violence incident. All information is reported in relation to the focal child’s home and school location at Year 15.

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